At Gargoum Group Co we aim to provide the perfect answer to the active underwriter’s need to outsource any aspect of the claims handling function.

We can assist with a full spectrum of services from the Third Party Administration of an entire portfolio to selective assistance with any component of a single claim.

We are well versed in the management, investigation, evaluation and adjustment of losses and operate a proactive subrogation facility.
Our current clients favor us with a significant level of settlement authority and entrust us with loss funds to match.

We provide:
- High quality adjusting skills and experience in handling marine insurance claims.
- Unsurpassed specialist consultant surveyor skills with access to a worldwide network of general survey services.
- A proactive subrogation service involved in the claims handling process from inception to maximize recovery potential.
- An experienced team well versed in the maintenance and management of accurate and accessible records and statistics.
- The flexibility and adaptability to customize a service dependent upon the individual client’s needs.
- Operation in accordance with strict service standards to ensure that our client’s receive the best possible service.
- Timeliness and responsiveness in all of our operations to ensure continuing satisfaction from all parties.
- Efficient management of loss funds and an expedited payment process.
- Experienced negotiators dedicated to alternative dispute resolution.
Whatever your claims handling needs dictate, Gargoum Group Co is eager to assist you in providing services of the highest quality at competitive market rates.